Attractions in Betong

Betong TownBetong Town

The word Betong is Malay, meaning bamboo. This district is at the southernmost point of Thailand, about 140 kilometres from Amphoe Muang Yala, on Highway 410. The road between Amphoe Than To and Amphoe Betong winds on the hillside, affording the scenery of the lake, forest, and rubber plantations.
The Betong City Centre is surrounded by mountains, resulting in cool climate and high rainfall with frequent fog in the morning. It is therefore dubbed The City in the Fog with Beautiful Flowers. Betong is a large developed district. Malaysian tourists often visit the area because of its proximity. The food is outstanding and has a lot of tourists attractions.

Buddahadhiwat TempleBuddahadhiwat Temple Betong

is located on a hilltop in Betong city center, on the ground of Wat Phutthathiwat, Thanon Rattanakit. This chedi is built in the modern Sivijaya style, covered in gold color. It is 39.9 meters high, built to commemorate the 69th birthday anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen. From the chedi one can see all of the temple ground and part of Betong city center.

Mongkolrit TunnelBetong Mongkolrit Tunnel

Betong Mongkolrit Tunnel established on Amornrit Road croosing with Pakdeedamrong Road. It is a car tunnel and it is the first mountain of Thailand, It built for support about traffic problems and transportation between the present community with the new community around Iyerberjung. 

The Biggest MailboxThe Biggest Mailbox

It used to be located at the Bell Tower intersection of Betong. It was built in 1924 before World War II as the communication post for the townspeople, through the radio implanted on top of the box, and the mail slot below it. At present a new box had been built in a larger size (nine meters tall), and is located at the City Convention Hall (Sala Prachakhom). The new mail box attracts a large number of tourists who come to take the photograph.

The clock Tower

Betong ClockThe Clock Tower is situated at the intersection at the center of the town. It is a beautiful construction made of marble and is as old as the town itself. The base of the tower is decorated with a sculpture of 'Hemara' which is an animal in a Thai Myth, and that of a swallow.

Betong District Central Mosque

Betong Central MosqueCentral Mosque District, Betong is located in the Municipal District Betong former Central Mosque built with wooden round 6 from leaves of 6 Layana (liver) Table E Ma new first name Bue better check check Dream old who Pattani to teach boxing C per Death and then later it moved to the village mosque Kampong Tong Bue. Current village called Kampong Tue Yo. Naruto a new e Ma Han Yee Wah Kue Jin Sen later moved to the village, Kampong Yu Han Sen Yee stars Oh wait a E Ma mm. And Han Yi Da Mon nest Han Sen Due Rae, respectively. And then later moved to the present.

Betong Hot Spring

Betong Hot Spring Betong Hot Spring is situated at Ban Charo Parai Village, Tambon Tano Mae Ro, about five kilometres before reaching the Betong Town center, turn right from Highway 410 for another eight kilometers into the village. At the hottest spot, eggs are cooked in seven minutes. Hot spring shower is also available. It is believed that hot spring can cure muscle pain and minor skin irritation.

Winter Flower Garden

Betong Winter Flower GardenWith the cold weather for the whole year at Betong, there are various cold place flowers which can be planted. The garden is surrounded with hills at Piyamitre 2 village and the project is held by the Princess Sirinthorn command.

Piyamit Tunnel

Piyamit tunnelAt Ban Piyamit 1, Tambon Tano Mae Ro. Take the same route as the Hot Spring for four more kilometres. This area is the village of the Thai Development Participants and was once the base of Malaya Communist Division 2. The tunnel was built in three months in 1976, winding through the mountain for about one kilometer, about 50-60 feet wide with multiple entrances. It was used as the air raid shelter and food storage area. At present there is an exhibition about its history including the way of life in the forest. It is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Bala-Hala Forest

Bala hala forestThis is a lush rainforest with many rare plants and wildlife, especially birds. It is also the habitat of the Sakai. This forest occupies a large area at the boundary of Yala and Narathiwat. It is the headstream of the Bang Lang Dam. Tourists can take boat trips to enjoy the scenery from the 445th Division of the Border Patrol Police, Thanon Sukkhayang, Amphoe Betong.